The Halloween & Entertainment Expo (HEX) is Canada's Largest and Scariest Halloween Event. At HEX you will experience haunted houses, Halloween themed retail booths, carnival games, creepy and disturbing entertainment, and FEAR. Although we are a familty event, our haunted houses are PG12 and up – as we are out to really, really scare adults. PS – We don't sell underwear, so bring an extra pair…

HEX admission provides you with access to entire event, including all haunts. This includes our retail show floor, that includes screenings, crafts, how-tos and our main stage entertainment!

You can also purchase "Killer Cash" onsite or add it to your General Admission to play the games, or partake in a variety of other activities (ie. Monster Truck ride, Zorbz, Archery Tag, etc.).

The HEX Speedpass will also be available and give you the opportunity to get scared sooner (no waiting in line!) plus your own share of some of that "Killer Cash" for games and activities! Click here to get full pricing details.


You can do either. The benefits of buying online is you are assured a ticket - which is a BIG DEAL and you save money!

 Click here to buy tickets online!

All ages are welcome to HEX! We will have many kid friendly activities on our show floor, including carnival games, rides, crafts and more!

For our haunts, worldy twelve year-olds will probably fare okay, but no younger. And always with an adult.  On a serious note, kids who aren't keen to be scared should NOT try our adult rated haunts. We are out to really, really scare adults. You better be one stout hearted kid to attend – WITH AN ADULT. 

The Halloween & Entertainment Expo has lots of things like fog, strobe lights, plus roaming entertainment and some pretty scarey haunts. So please do not enter if you have a health condition that may deteriorate because of the elements of this event.


HEX in an indoor event and food and refreshments for sale on-site - eat up! Zombies love a plump catch.

HEX has several very distracting games & activities:

  • Toss the severed head into the monster's mouth
  • Feed Scary Gary delicious brains
  • Throw darts at the Wheel of Misfortune
  • Throw attached shrunken heads around a bar
  • Bounce frogs to their doom to a target
  • Try the terrifying Escape Rooms
  • Ride the Monster Truck or Simulator Ride
  • Shoot zombies with bows and arrows

Games cost "Killer Cash" which can be purchased onsite or with your event ticket at a discount!

You can win a variety of Halloween stuffies from small to large that you can't find anywhere else.

Do not use an open grave for your business. There are perfectly good washrooms on-site.

Regular Zombies will NOT bite you, or ever touch you. Nor will any of the other spooks, devils, ghosts, witches, aliens, killer clowns or mad scientists. The HEX show floor and our regular haunts are strictly no touching, however for those who want a bigger scare - check out our EXTREME Zombie House. Waivers will be available for those who can stomache a few brushes with our extreme zombies!


You were touched, but not by the undead or the alive. The things that are giving you nightmares now were completely inanimate objects doing exactly what they were meant to do...creep the heck out of you.

It is entirely up to you! 

Having said that, ­ due to safety concerns, ­ no masks can be worn. So, to review:

  • Costumes are welcome, but not mandatory
  • As we get closer to Halloween more guests will dress up
  • Masks cannot be worn

For our full policy on props and costumes - please click here.


If you do not want to drive, the Calgary Stampede grounds are near public transit stations. The nearest train station is Victoria Park station. 

There is lots of parking located close to the BMO Centre. There is $15 parking fee through the Calgary Stampaede. This fee apllies to anyone and anything who enters the park. Prices are subject to change without notice. 

we offer these services onsite:

  • security
  • medical
  • ATMs
  • concessions

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